4 Jewellery Styling Tips You Need To Know

When it comes to fashion accessories, none is more quintessential to an outfit than Jewellery. You could be wearing the simplest of clothes - Let's say a pair of jeans and a shirt - and transform them into a cohesive outfit, just by adding that extra layer of metal! I could further explain the importance of Jewellery to an outfit, but lets face it, We already know! Having said that, how often have you found yourself switching between different Necklaces and Earrings in front of the mirror, trying to fashion a perfect fit? One too many times I'm sure (Guilty myself!). Don't Worry! We have gathered 5 Jewellery styling tips that will help you fashion the perfect, Gram-worthy look!

1- Layer up on Necklaces and Bracelets

Multiple Layered Jewellery - Set of 5 open Bracelets


There is absolutely no rule in the Fashion handbook (If it existed) that says that Necklaces and Bracelets should be worn one at a time. It's time to Stack up! If you're looking for styling tips for casual outfits, this one is for you. Doubling down on these accessories can utilize key space that will otherwise go idle. You can even experiment each time to produce different results, with the same bunch of Jewellery! This works best with a solid colored deep V-neck or a even a turtleneck, paired with a cool pair of jeans.

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2- Earrings can make the Outfit Pop

You can find an Earring for every occasion. Throw on a nice pair of Earrings and see how it makes everything seamlessly come together. When it comes Statement Jewellery, Earrings are right up there (Quite Literally). The great thing about these hanging ornaments is that they can grab the spotlight, as easily as they can compliment the rest of the ensemble. It's advisable to match them with the color of the outfit. If unsure, know that you can never go wrong with gold Earrings!


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3- Decide The Standout Jewellery Peice

A common mistake made by most Women is that they go all out - too all out. While the urge to put all of your statement Jewellery on a single outfit is incredibly strong, it's rarely a good idea. While planning your outfit, you need to decide the focal piece of Jewellery beforehand. Simply ask yourself "What is the element of the outfit that I want people to notice at first glance?" If you want to direct attention to your face, go for the best pair of earrings in your wardrobe. If you're dressing for a Wedding or a similar occasion, it's imperative that you'd want to direct attention towards your dress. In that case, wear a simple and elegant Necklace, with other rather muted pieces of Jewellery. Check out Floret's Classy White Pearl Necklace, and you'll know what I am talking about.

4- Add Acrylic Rings to Your Summer Jewellery Collection

At first glance, Acrylic Rings might seem a bit tacky. We disagree. Don't believe us, take Bella Hadid's word for it! Sure, they might not be for every occasion. But, when it comes to a casual summer outfit, acrylic rings can add the necessary color needed. Imagine pairing them up with a long sundress at a summer picnic party!


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That's it for now! I hope these style tips help you out in your Jewellery endeavors. Fashion keeps on evolving by the second, but fret not, we'll keep you updated with all the cool trends and styling tips!